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Call me Sasu.

I write fanfiction, because things are more fun when they're not your own (and because it's too much work to create characters).

I procrastinate and only write when I feel like it. Also, I get easily distracted when I'm writing (so I end up reading other fics or manga when I should be continuing/finishing one of my own) and my inspiration is almost constantly running at a low, so in following, my production rate is very low. When I do get into the swing of writing, though, I get totally focussed and hate being disturbed.

I always get obsessed with something new when I have exams I should be studying for.

And I lurk. A lot.

A little bit more about me in short, but hopefully descriptive phrases:

Obsessive fangirl. Pedantic. Anally retentive. Aggressively awkward. Perverted. Passionate. Confusing. Rambler. Slight Grammar Nazi (only slight, because I probably make a lot of mistakes and overuse punctuation). Pairing whore. Lazy.